Death Wakes Me Up

hello readers..

so, how’s life, my friend? for me, life is hard for the time being, because something and another thing.. And I’m going to make a short update for this blog..

I was about to make a new post last month, when a friend of mine’s mom passed away. It was a big shock though, because that friend of mine is rarely keep in touch with me in these past few months. And I was so busy doing college thing and forgot to make the post.

And then, few days ago, unfortunately, another sad news came over. It’s from my friend in junior high school. His dad passed away. It hits me hard. Really hard. And a sudden realization trip over my head. We’re not going to live forever. But we act like we do. Living is constant denying for death. It’s beauty force us to forget the afterlife, where we will live forever, without any doubt. It’s right over there.. But we’re too ignorance to see it. We’re so arrogant like we’re invincible. We make enemies, we make people hate us just because useless reason.

And last Wednesday, I came to my friend’s dad’s funeral. I came off a little bit early to the cemetery. It was the saddest moment.. when you have to see your beloved for the last time, ever. I can’t help but wondering…..

Well, you don’t have to feel the problem by yourself to take the lesson, right?


Well, the fact is, death do exist. It could be you. It could be your beloved ones. So before the time comes, live your life, enjoy your life, do something meaningful with your life, because…

You Only Live Once.

well, smell ya later 🙂

Six Questions by Imam Ghazali

Oneday Imam Ghazali and his students were together, then he asked some questions.

First, “What is the closest for us in this world?”. Some of his students answered: Parents, teacher, friend, or relatives. According to Imam Ghazali, all those answers are correct. But The most correct ones is “death”. Because that’s is a promised of Allah SWT that all living things will die (QS. Ali Imran 185)

Then Imam Ghazali continued in his second question. “What is the furthest from us in this world?” .some of his students answered: China,the moon,the sun, and the stars. Then Imam Ghazali explained that all those answers are correct. But the most correct ones is “past time”. However we are, whatever our transportation, We never cant come back to past time. That’s why we have to take care of today and next days with shaleh and good deeds.

Then Imam Ghazali continued by third question. “What is the biggest thing in this world?”. Some of his students answered: mountain,the earth, the sun. All those answers are correct, said Imam Ghazali. But the biggest thing from this world is “passion” (Qs. Al-araf:179) That’s why we have to becareful with pour passion, don’t let our passion bring us into the hell, naudzubillah.

Fourth question is, “What is heaviest in this world?” Some answered: elephant, steel, metal. All the answers are corrects, said Imam Ghazali. But the heaviest thing is “to keep on amanah” (Qs. Al-ahzab:72). Plants, animals, mountains, and the angels were not able when Allah SWT asked them to be a khalifah (leader) in this world. But human being proudly said his ability to the request from Allah SWT, so most of them enter the hell because they can not keep their amanah.

Next question is, “What is the lightest in this world?” some answered: cotton, wind, dust and leaves. All those answers are corrects, said Imam Ghazali. But the lightest thing in this world is “leaving shalat”. Just because our job, meeting, busy, we leave shalt simply like that.

Then the last question is, “What is the sharpest in this world?” His students answered together, sword. That is correct, said Imam Ghazali. But the sharpest thing is “tounge of men”. Because of their tounge, they easily hurt the feeling, and hurt their brother’s feeling selves.

Wallahua’lam Bishawab..


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