Ramadhan Mubarak!!


So here it comes! The Holy Month we’ve been waiting for, Ramadhan! I know it’s kind of too late to post a greeting for Ramadhan, but doesn’t matter, because it’s Ramadhan!

When we come to think about Ramadhan, a million thoughts race through our mind. Maybe it’s the memories about what we’ve going through in Ramadhan every year, maybe it’s the food – yes, Ramadhan have special food and beverage that’s only made or sold in Ramadhan – , maybe it’s the fasting,  maybe it’s something or another thing that made us always miss and wait for this special month. Ramadhan is without doubt always bring us to a peacefull moments, where we can gather around our family even closer. 

There’re some hadith about Ramadhan I want to share :

“Abu Huraira related that the Prophet said: Allah the Majestic and Exalted said: “Every deed of man will receive ten to 700 times reward, except Siyam (fasting), for it is for Me and I shall reward it (as I like). There are two occasions of joy for one who fasts: one when he breaks the fast and the other when he will meet his Lord” (Muslim).

That’s it for now, Ramadhan Mubarak! Happy Fasting guys 🙂

Barakallah 🙂


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