What is up? good news and bad news

hellooooooo readers! forgive me for this unmanaged blog because i’m pretty busy keeping myself up doing college thing ess hahahah

So what is up?

so, the bad news is, i don’t get my dream, medical faculty -__- but that’s okay, i got into a freshly opened department in sriwijaya university, pharmacy department in science and math faculty! well, that’s the good news, at least. And we’re going to do the opdik (ospek dan diklatsar) starting 23rd august till 25th August which mean two days left. and if i’m not mistaken in the last day of opdik will be held an accoustic contest and i’m looking forward to it! wish us luck!
and today i just did a test in STAN (sekolah tinggi akuntansi negara) hope i pass this test, although i haven’t decided it yet to take it or not if i’ve pass hhe

well that’s about college.. so.. how’s life my friend? mine isn’t so good. being betrayed, being hurt, being alone, somehow those thing become regular thing in my life. being betrayed by the person whom i believe the most.. life’s getting hard on me. well, guess what? i’m harder! so it won’t affect anything. At least for now. well, life itself is a mean joke, isn’t it?

And on the lighter note, i’m starting to like cherrybelle, a girlband from Indonesia! it has 9 personnel, Angel, Anisa, Cherly, Christy, Devi, Felly, Gigi, Ryn, Wenda. my favorite personnel is @AnisaChibi who has thick eyebrow and really indonesian face :D. i’ve mention her in twitter and yes, She mention me back !! i’m so glad that i couldn’t sleep that night :p no kidding of course i immediately go to sleep hee. They’re my spirit now, and they just had release their first mini album (and the only girlband in Indonesia who had release an album) called ‘Love Is You’, contains five song, Dilema ;their first single hit , I’ll be there for you, best friend forever, beautiful, and the last same as the title of the album Love Is you. Go get ’em ! heheh. i’m so much excited about this girlband, since there’s no so much interesting thing in my life lately. And FYI, this cherrybelle or called ‘chibi’ just had finish their first ftv titled ‘happy 21’ and will be broadcasted in 22nd of August 2011 on 11 p.m, which mean tomorrow! waaaah can’t wait for the ftv! my friend and i personally really looking forward for this ftv πŸ˜€ . Although tomorrow after the ftv showed is our first day in college for opdik (ospek dan diklatsar) won’t make us miss the show! we’d rather watch the ftv and not going to opdik than miss the ftv! bhahahah. Don’t miss the show guys! hhe. really, this cherrybelle thing is highlight of my life lately. i’m so much excited muahahah. i’ve blabbed so much about cherrybelle, aren’t i? hhe

and about special one? nah, haven’t found her,still. i’m still searching for her. she’s definitely on her way to find me too πŸ™‚ but i do meeting special people in this period of time. many of them. they come and left as they like. left me no choice but stay alone, lonely. at least i have my anisachibi hahahah
well, that’s life my friend! gotta get used to it immediately! that’s the end of my long waiting post see you in another post. have a well designated life! πŸ˜€

Can’t you see? there’s only one thing to do three words for you : i’m happy, Bitch.


2 responses to this post.

  1. oh… god please!
    robi cb hahahhaa
    that’s okay if your the one of fan of cb

    actually, how are you?

    log time no see…
    hahaahhha πŸ™‚


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