after a long time, presented to you, J’ FUNK!!

hi guys, it’s been approximately HALF YEAR (yes, HALF YEAR!!) i’m not posting a new post
yeah, i’m a third grader in senior high school now, so i kinda busy with this school stuff (and kinda lazy, too). guess this blog will be a silent one for a while.

and good news for you guys, i’m in 12 IPA 1 now
yup, the class that i-don’t-want-to-be-there-as-a-student
but i hope this -class dislocation won’t be an obstacle for me

well, back to the topic
so i have a group named J’FUNK (which stands for JOMBLO FUNKY.hahaha)
in this group, we’re trying to protect ourselves from the danger of being in some kind stuff called rela -wait for it – tion – wait for it – ship.

it has 6 personnel in it
but we haven’t decide the leader yet,,( and now the temporary leader is ME)
so here we are, the member of J’FUNK


he’s pervert, fall for gym thing.
in the same class with me, in our futsal team act as keeper
die for pursuing beautiful girl. have an ex named YUNIASIH RESTU PUTRI, which is ironic because something and another thing haha


OSIS leader in SMA N 6 PALEMBANG. vocalist in a nasyid group named D’ AFWAN. after all, nothing special about him hahaaha. the most valuable player in SOS league final 2009, and FYI, he is very naughty back then in junior high school


young inventor. ever showed up in local magazine, Sumatera Ekspress in headline with this title ‘USIA BELIA TIDAK HALANGI FAHRENHEIT BERKARYA’ when he makes ‘gasoline saver equipment’ for motorcycle.
a great inventor. most of his thought are using logic, even the one relate to religion. pure scientist.


trump card in our football team. the most skilled player in our team ( beside me ). POPDA athlete, and tho only scorer when his team played in POPDA (which is tragic, because they’re lose in penalty shootout ). a tabib.


another trump card. a good friend of mine who will continue hhis study to FK UNSRI. act as striker, individually a good player but teamwork minus.


Me. the most awesomest, most best-lookingest, most greatest, member of JFUNK. it’s hard to describe myself with words, because .. it’s just ineffable. impossible to describe me in words even the poet can’t do it. pretty clear huh?

so that’s all the folks.
i’m sorry this blog has been a dead one, because of my schedule and do not have any time to update this blog

well, have a nice holiday readers!!


4 responses to this post.

  1. nice one! πŸ™‚


  2. Posted by faren on Desember 8, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    ahahaa.. omongan itu dag usah di post jga ooo
    malu2ke beh kw ne


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