On In Love and Not Being Able to Write Pretty Words

well, it’s the 8th day of holiday, and still, have nothing to do
so i decide to update this blog, while the others enjoy their vacation * sigh
but since this is the last holiday that can be enjoyed (you know, next year, we, the third grader have to do the national examination, i guess there’s no time for relax) so i want to enjoy it. No, i don’t want to. i HAVE TO. since there’s no time to relax (once again). huhuhu

well, off to our main topic, i’m falling in love
the first rule of blogging is; write what you feel, so, here i am
i’m falling in love
it’s obvious, considering i’m normal (hahaha).
i’m in the state where my mind is filled with her, her smile, her laughter, yeah, all about her.
and when i think about her, it’s like my mind playing j- rock song, ‘i’m falling in love’ (Do I too exaggerate this? Maybe..) but that’s what happen. i don’t know exactly when, but by the time passing by, i fall for her. i love her giggle, i love her laughter, i love her smile, i love the way she talk, i love it.

maybe i can’t find such a cool analogies, romantic phrases, but i know what i feel. so, when i was asked ‘ why do you love her? ‘, let me get a shot. ‘universe wanted me to love you, so there it will be. i love you, because the universe wanted me to’
we all the same. we’re friends, we’re know each other, we’re meet each other, that because the universe wanted us to. and as simple as that, i love her.

first rule of blogging : write what you feel ; safely done.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by okta on Juli 5, 2010 at 7:25 am

    with whom???


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