don’t you know we’re connected?

internet simply changed my life, yours and whole its user’s, changed my way of thinking about the world, something that once looked like something gigantic and unreachable now became a huge village full of friends and relatives, where you’ll know someone you don’t know before, because we’re somehow connected to each other.
for your information, i’m indonesian and in the first place, i think world is sooo wide(i give you simple sample, even i haven’t visit entire part of indonesia, because as we know, indonesia is an archipelago country, which means it’s hard to go to another part without sufficient funds. hehehe) and there’s no much time to travelling around the world in our life, even if you’re fuckin’ rich, there’s no much time to do that (except you do that in the entire of your life without doing another thing). but with internet, you can travelling around the world, anytime, anywhere you want to. so, internet a useful media that connect us, without any border, even you’re separated by huge ocean, separated by continent, that’s not a big deal. just connect yourself to internet, and voila, you’ll know that you’re not alone in this huge, gigantic world. we’re connected each other. don’t you ever forget it.

and this post, is presented from me to you, presented indonesia to you,


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