Death Wakes Me Up

hello readers..

so, how’s life, my friend? for me, life is hard for the time being, because something and another thing.. And I’m going to make a short update for this blog..

I was about to make a new post last month, when a friend of mine’s mom passed away. It was a big shock though, because that friend of mine is rarely keep in touch with me in these past few months. And I was so busy doing college thing and forgot to make the post.

And then, few days ago, unfortunately, another sad news came over. It’s from my friend in junior high school. His dad passed away. It hits me hard. Really hard. And a sudden realization trip over my head. We’re not going to live forever. But we act like we do. Living is constant denying for death. It’s beauty force us to forget the afterlife, where we will live forever, without any doubt. It’s right over there.. But we’re too ignorance to see it. We’re so arrogant like we’re invincible. We make enemies, we make people hate us just because useless reason.

And last Wednesday, I came to my friend’s dad’s funeral. I came off a little bit early to the cemetery. It was the saddest moment.. when you have to see your beloved for the last time, ever. I can’t help but wondering…..

Well, you don’t have to feel the problem by yourself to take the lesson, right?


Well, the fact is, death do exist. It could be you. It could be your beloved ones. So before the time comes, live your life, enjoy your life, do something meaningful with your life, because…

You Only Live Once.

well, smell ya later 🙂

Six Questions by Imam Ghazali

Oneday Imam Ghazali and his students were together, then he asked some questions.

First, “What is the closest for us in this world?”. Some of his students answered: Parents, teacher, friend, or relatives. According to Imam Ghazali, all those answers are correct. But The most correct ones is “death”. Because that’s is a promised of Allah SWT that all living things will die (QS. Ali Imran 185)

Then Imam Ghazali continued in his second question. “What is the furthest from us in this world?” .some of his students answered: China,the moon,the sun, and the stars. Then Imam Ghazali explained that all those answers are correct. But the most correct ones is “past time”. However we are, whatever our transportation, We never cant come back to past time. That’s why we have to take care of today and next days with shaleh and good deeds.

Then Imam Ghazali continued by third question. “What is the biggest thing in this world?”. Some of his students answered: mountain,the earth, the sun. All those answers are correct, said Imam Ghazali. But the biggest thing from this world is “passion” (Qs. Al-araf:179) That’s why we have to becareful with pour passion, don’t let our passion bring us into the hell, naudzubillah.

Fourth question is, “What is heaviest in this world?” Some answered: elephant, steel, metal. All the answers are corrects, said Imam Ghazali. But the heaviest thing is “to keep on amanah” (Qs. Al-ahzab:72). Plants, animals, mountains, and the angels were not able when Allah SWT asked them to be a khalifah (leader) in this world. But human being proudly said his ability to the request from Allah SWT, so most of them enter the hell because they can not keep their amanah.

Next question is, “What is the lightest in this world?” some answered: cotton, wind, dust and leaves. All those answers are corrects, said Imam Ghazali. But the lightest thing in this world is “leaving shalat”. Just because our job, meeting, busy, we leave shalt simply like that.

Then the last question is, “What is the sharpest in this world?” His students answered together, sword. That is correct, said Imam Ghazali. But the sharpest thing is “tounge of men”. Because of their tounge, they easily hurt the feeling, and hurt their brother’s feeling selves.

Wallahua’lam Bishawab..


Ramadhan Mubarak!!


So here it comes! The Holy Month we’ve been waiting for, Ramadhan! I know it’s kind of too late to post a greeting for Ramadhan, but doesn’t matter, because it’s Ramadhan!

When we come to think about Ramadhan, a million thoughts race through our mind. Maybe it’s the memories about what we’ve going through in Ramadhan every year, maybe it’s the food – yes, Ramadhan have special food and beverage that’s only made or sold in Ramadhan – , maybe it’s the fasting,  maybe it’s something or another thing that made us always miss and wait for this special month. Ramadhan is without doubt always bring us to a peacefull moments, where we can gather around our family even closer. 

There’re some hadith about Ramadhan I want to share :

“Abu Huraira related that the Prophet said: Allah the Majestic and Exalted said: “Every deed of man will receive ten to 700 times reward, except Siyam (fasting), for it is for Me and I shall reward it (as I like). There are two occasions of joy for one who fasts: one when he breaks the fast and the other when he will meet his Lord” (Muslim).

That’s it for now, Ramadhan Mubarak! Happy Fasting guys 🙂

Barakallah 🙂

Change of Plans!

hollaaaa readers! it’s been a while since the last post! sorry to inform you that I don’t have time to update this blog due to my business! (lol kidding I’m just too lazy -__-)

So.. what is up? how’s life?

there’s some change here and the first one is…… I ended up continue my study in STAN (Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara), specialized in Taxation. Well looks like a change of plans, huh? Never expected to be here, but well.. I ended up here. About my study in Pharmacy UNSRI ? I left it, unfortunately. Do you ever feel it? That feeling.. When you have to left your friend because something and another thing? Well, gotta get used to it, though. Actually I’ve found some good friends here too.. 😀

I think enough for the short update, see ya 😀

Sorry ?

I’m sorry…

I’m sorry I fell for you
I’m sorry I asked you out
I’m sorry I held on to you
I’m sorry i text you
I’m sorry I wanted you
I’m sorry we took pictures
I’m sorry we made memories
I’m sorry I hurt you
I’m sorry I let go
I’m sorry you were undetermined
I’m sorry we had differences
I’m sorry I was so stupid
I’m sorrye i wasted your time
I’m sorry we ever met
I’m sorry you cant leave
Should i sorry for loving you?

The Deactivate of My Twitter Account

hello fellas My twitter acc has been deactivated for two days. I think it’s enough to share my personal life in social networking account and i personally think it’s better to deactivate it rather than i’m blabbing too much about unnecessary thing in my life. there must be at least a story untold and i won’t let you know more than what i’ve shared in my social networking account 😉 . i don’t want to tell you what’s going on in my life and i don’t want to share to you my fucking personal life and my fucking personal problem because that’s sooo pathetic. in case of you want to know what’s going on in my life, just ask me 😉 . i don’t know if i want to delete it permanently nor temporarily deactivated, but for now i want to let it deactivated till unspecified time continuum 😉 . So from now on.. Goodbye @robihaflah 🙂 you’ve been a good listener!
bye followers 🙂

– you have every single reason to leave. Why stay?
– Stay the fuck out of my way!

What is up? good news and bad news

hellooooooo readers! forgive me for this unmanaged blog because i’m pretty busy keeping myself up doing college thing ess hahahah

So what is up?

so, the bad news is, i don’t get my dream, medical faculty -__- but that’s okay, i got into a freshly opened department in sriwijaya university, pharmacy department in science and math faculty! well, that’s the good news, at least. And we’re going to do the opdik (ospek dan diklatsar) starting 23rd august till 25th August which mean two days left. and if i’m not mistaken in the last day of opdik will be held an accoustic contest and i’m looking forward to it! wish us luck!
and today i just did a test in STAN (sekolah tinggi akuntansi negara) hope i pass this test, although i haven’t decided it yet to take it or not if i’ve pass hhe

well that’s about college.. so.. how’s life my friend? mine isn’t so good. being betrayed, being hurt, being alone, somehow those thing become regular thing in my life. being betrayed by the person whom i believe the most.. life’s getting hard on me. well, guess what? i’m harder! so it won’t affect anything. At least for now. well, life itself is a mean joke, isn’t it?

And on the lighter note, i’m starting to like cherrybelle, a girlband from Indonesia! it has 9 personnel, Angel, Anisa, Cherly, Christy, Devi, Felly, Gigi, Ryn, Wenda. my favorite personnel is @AnisaChibi who has thick eyebrow and really indonesian face :D. i’ve mention her in twitter and yes, She mention me back !! i’m so glad that i couldn’t sleep that night :p no kidding of course i immediately go to sleep hee. They’re my spirit now, and they just had release their first mini album (and the only girlband in Indonesia who had release an album) called ‘Love Is You’, contains five song, Dilema ;their first single hit , I’ll be there for you, best friend forever, beautiful, and the last same as the title of the album Love Is you. Go get ’em ! heheh. i’m so much excited about this girlband, since there’s no so much interesting thing in my life lately. And FYI, this cherrybelle or called ‘chibi’ just had finish their first ftv titled ‘happy 21’ and will be broadcasted in 22nd of August 2011 on 11 p.m, which mean tomorrow! waaaah can’t wait for the ftv! my friend and i personally really looking forward for this ftv 😀 . Although tomorrow after the ftv showed is our first day in college for opdik (ospek dan diklatsar) won’t make us miss the show! we’d rather watch the ftv and not going to opdik than miss the ftv! bhahahah. Don’t miss the show guys! hhe. really, this cherrybelle thing is highlight of my life lately. i’m so much excited muahahah. i’ve blabbed so much about cherrybelle, aren’t i? hhe

and about special one? nah, haven’t found her,still. i’m still searching for her. she’s definitely on her way to find me too 🙂 but i do meeting special people in this period of time. many of them. they come and left as they like. left me no choice but stay alone, lonely. at least i have my anisachibi hahahah
well, that’s life my friend! gotta get used to it immediately! that’s the end of my long waiting post see you in another post. have a well designated life! 😀

Can’t you see? there’s only one thing to do three words for you : i’m happy, Bitch.

brooookeeenn ~

hello fellas. long time no see. i’m broken. and that’s why i’m here, expressing what i’m feeling.

I know keep lingering with a broken heart is stupid, but well, what can i do about it? the theory is much simpler than when you gotta face it in real life.

it’s been a while since .. ah, forget it.

I tried to free myself form this self-pity situation by reading Kahlil Gibran’s poems, and by God he is the master of words, i posted a few that i like so much, it’s in Indonesian tho’ coz i know many of you people who read my blog is Indonesians, here we go :

CINTA yang AGUNG – Kahlil Gibran
Adalah ketika kamu menitikkan air mata
dan MASIH peduli terhadapnya..
Adalah ketika dia tidak mempedulikanmu dan kamu MASIH
menunggunya dengan setia..
Adalah ketika dia mulai mencintai orang lain
dan kamu MASIH bisa tersenyum sembari berkata ‘Aku
turut berbahagia untukmu’

Apabila cinta tidak berhasil…BEBASKAN dirimu…
Biarkan hatimu kembali melebarkan sayapnya
dan terbang ke alam bebas LAGI ..
Ingatlah…bahwa kamu mungkin menemukan cinta dan
tapi..ketika cinta itu mati..kamu TIDAK perlu mati

Orang terkuat BUKAN mereka yang selalu
menang..MELAINKAN mereka yang tetap tegar ketika
mereka jatuh

Aku Bicara Perihal Cinta – Kahlil Gibran

Apabila cinta memberi isyarat kepadamu, ikutilah dia,
Walau jalannya sukar dan curam.
Dan pabila sayapnva memelukmu menyerahlah kepadanya.
Walau pedang tersembunyi di antara ujung-ujung sayapnya bisa melukaimu.
Dan kalau dia bicara padamu percayalah padanya.
Walau suaranya bisa membuyarkan mimpi-mimpimu bagai angin utara mengobrak-abrik taman.
Karena sebagaimana cinta memahkotai engkau, demikian pula dia
kan menyalibmu.

Sebagaimana dia ada untuk pertumbuhanmu, demikian pula dia ada untuk pemanakasanmu.

Sebagaimana dia mendaki kepuncakmu dan membelai mesra ranting-rantingmu nan paling lembut yang bergetar dalam cahaya matahari.
Demikian pula dia akan menghunjam ke akarmu dan mengguncang-guncangnya di dalam cengkeraman mereka kepada kami.
Laksana ikatan-ikatan dia menghimpun engkau pada dirinya sendiri.

Dia menebah engkau hingga engkau telanjang.
Dia mengetam engkau demi membebaskan engkau dari kulit arimu.
Dia menggosok-gosokkan engkau sampai putih bersih.
Dia merembas engkau hingga kau menjadi liar;
Dan kemudian dia mengangkat engkau ke api sucinya.

Sehingga engkau bisa menjadi roti suci untuk pesta kudus Tuhan.

Semua ini akan ditunaikan padamu oleh Sang Cinta, supaya bisa kaupahami rahasia hatimu, dan di dalam pemahaman dia menjadi sekeping hati Kehidupan.

Namun pabila dalam ketakutanmu kau hanya akan mencari kedamaian dan kenikmatan cinta.Maka lebih baiklah bagimu kalau kaututupi ketelanjanganmu dan menyingkir dari lantai-penebah cinta.

Memasuki dunia tanpa musim tempat kaudapat tertawa, tapi tak seluruh gelak tawamu, dan menangis, tapi tak sehabis semua airmatamu.

Cinta tak memberikan apa-apa kecuali dirinya sendiri dan tiada mengambil apa pun kecuali dari dirinya sendiri.
Cinta tiada memiliki, pun tiada ingin dimiliki; Karena cinta telah cukup bagi cinta.

Pabila kau mencintai kau takkan berkata, “Tuhan ada di dalam hatiku,” tapi sebaliknya, “Aku berada di dalam hati Tuhan”.

Dan jangan mengira kaudapat mengarahkan jalannya Cinta, sebab cinta, pabila dia menilaimu memang pantas, mengarahkan jalanmu.

Cinta tak menginginkan yang lain kecuali memenuhi dirinya. Namun pabila kau mencintai dan terpaksa memiliki berbagai keinginan, biarlah ini menjadi aneka keinginanmu: Meluluhkan diri dan mengalir bagaikan kali, yang menyanyikan melodinya bagai sang malam.

Mengenali penderitaan dari kelembutan yang begitu jauh.
Merasa dilukai akibat pemahamanmu sendiri tenung cinta;
Dan meneteskan darah dengan ikhlas dan gembira.
Terjaga di kala fajar dengan hati seringan awan dan mensyukuri hari haru penuh cahaya kasih;

Istirah di kala siang dan merenungkan kegembiraan cinta yang meluap-luap;Kembali ke rumah di kala senja dengan rasa syukur;

Dan lalu tertidur dengan doa bagi kekasih di dalam hatimu dan sebuah gita puji pada bibirmu.

thank you Kahlil Gibran for those wonderful words..

besides read those wonderful poem, i also listening

– dalam jiwa ku terpanah, angan-angan tuk bertanya, karunia atau kutukkan kan ku slalu sebut namamu

so, it’s a bliss or a curse?